The number one development and feeder club in the area

 Dave Steele is a UEFA B licensed coach from Manchester England.

With more than 10 years of coaching experience, he has built up numerous teams into very developed competitors and developed clubs successfully by running youth development programs. He dedicates his full career to helping players grow and develop.

With a mentality of “WINNING IS TEMPORARY, DEVELOPMENT IS FOREVER,” Coach Dave runs games and exercises that help develop young players learn while allowing them to have fun. The main goal is to pass on the knowledge, the experience and the love of the game to others so they can accomplish their goals.

Grassroots Soccer Academy was established in November 2016 by Dave Steele, in hope of giving more opportunities for the players in the local area and moving them on to the next level . If you have any questions about Grassroots, please get in touch with us.

Email us at grassrootsocceracademy@gmail.com or call us at 301-820-8545.





Refunds are given with written email notice.

A full refund minus $25 administrative fee will be given before classes/trainings begin.

After the first class/training is given, no refunds will be given as it has taken away slots from other players wishing to participate.


Grassroots will provide up to 2 weeks of extra classes if they are rained out and cancelled.


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